​Billy Joel’s Daughter Threatened By Stalker, Suspect Caught​​

Billy Joel has hired a bodyguard to protect his daughter Alexa from a woman who allegedly stalked her for months and wrote her frightening messages on Facebook.

The private security firm, who was recommended to Joel by Paul McCartney, went out to locate the woman.

The alleged stalker has been identified as 40-year-old Sheryl Finley was charged with stalking the 27-year-old the daughter of Joel and his ex-wife, supermodel Christie Brinkley.

Finley, who had reportedly spent months in a mental institution in 2010, reportedly wrote more than 60 messages through Facebook, some of which involved pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder, the Post said, citing court records.

Alexa Ray Joel, who is also a song writer, was reportedly afraid to leave her Manhattan home.

Finley, of Austin, Texas, is accused of using a fake Facebook account under the name “Rick Steenfield” to send messages to Joel that focused on rape and murder. The arrest happened in January.

“We need to take the harassment and the threats that occur, via those digital means, very seriously,” Austin Police Department Capt. Dave McKichan told ABC News’ TV affiliate KAAL-TV in Texas.

Finley was charged with a felony for stalking Joel’s daughter through electronic messages sent by false impersonation, and with a gross misdemeanor for stalking via repeated electronic messages.

Finley had pleaded not guilty to the charges, and has a pre-trial hearing coming up in a few weeks.