​‘Billy The Exterminator’ Guilty, Gets Probation​​

A&E reality TV star Billy the Exterminator, whose real name is William Bretherton, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of possessing synthetic marijuana.

Billy The Exterminator

Attorney Allyn Stroud says that Bretherton was put on probation for a year and prosecutors dropped charges against his wife, Mary.

They pleaded not guilty last summer in Bossier Parish. Stroud says Billy Bretherton pleaded guilty on April 19.

A Bossier City spokesman said last year that police answering a 911 hang-up call from a hotel room found the Brethertons with suspected synthetic marijuana and a device often used to smoke drugs. Mark Natale said the device tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

Stroud says Bretherton was given a suspended 60-day jail term and fined $500. His probation requires community service and regular drug and alcohol testing.