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Bollywood Actress Was Killed By Her Co-Stars

04/20/2012 06:32 PM ET

An inspiring Bollywood actress was kidnapped and killed by her film co-stars. Investigators believe that her family wealth may have something to do with it and the way she was killed. Meenakshi Thapar, 26, was filming the Bollywood movie ‘Heroine’ when actors who had smaller parts in the film heard about Thapar’s family wealth while working on the set.

Police report that Amit Jaiswal and his girlfriend, Preeti Surin, invited Thapar on a trip to Gorakhpur, a town close to India’s border with Nepal.

Once in Gorakhpur the New York Daily News reports, the two held Thapar hostage and threatened her mother to pay them 1,500,000 rupees or around about $28,000 American, ransom or they’d force her daughter to make pornographic films.

After the mother only sent a fraction of the ransom asked for, which amounted to about $1,150 American, the kidnappers were angered and strangled Thapar then beheaded her. They then reportedly threw her head out of a moving bus headed to Mumbai. The body was reportedly dumped in a water tank.

Police were later able to track Jaiswal and Surin down after tracking Thapar’s cell-phone SIM card they were still in possession of. After being arrested the two admitted to the crime.

“We are still investigating the case and both the accused along with a police team are visiting the crime spot. We have yet to recover the body,” a detective told the Telegraph.


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