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Brad Pitt Says Angelina Jolie Has “Bad Girl” Secret

02/07/2021 10:48 AM ET

Brad Pitt says that Angelina Jolie is still a bad girl even though she has traded her blood vial and knife collection for a large family and to become a United Nations ambassador.

On Monday’s CBS This Morning, Pitt confirmed Jolie’s recent assertion to 60 Minutes that she’s “still a bad girl.”

“She’s still a bad girl. Delightfully so,” said Pitt, 48, with a big grin. “It’s not for public consumption.”

In November, Jolie, 36, told 60 Minutes that her bad-girl side is “in its place now.”

“It belongs to Brad, it belongs to our adventures,” said the actress-director.

Also during his interview with CBS This Morning, the Moneyball star talked about the effect that his large family has had on his career.

“Family’s added everything to it. In a strange way, the work has gotten better because I worry less about it,” Pitt told host Charlie Rose. “(Family) takes any pressure of self-absorption that we can have in our business, (and) it just evaporates.”

Pitt explained that he and Jolie balance work and family by traveling as a family unit whenever one of them is on location. The six children, from 10-year-old Maddox to 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, are “quite used to a bit of jet lag” and are responsible for packing their own bags.

“As long as we’re together then the home is intact,” said Pitt.

The actor also dispelled any fears that he’d be retiring from show business, as he’s mentioned doing in the past.

“It would (be sad to retire) because I am on the producer side now,” Pitt told Rose. “I’m developing stories that I think resonate with our time in some way, and I think I’m now more than ever clear on what I can add to this great art of storytelling.”

Pitt is nominated for two Oscars for Moneyball, one as actor and one as producer.

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