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Brendan Fraser Sues Producer For Movie Not Made

05/11/2021 06:52 AM ET

Actor Brendan Fraser is suing the producer of a movie for acting fees, even though the film is yet to be made.

Fraser filed the suit in L.A. County Superior Court, against producer Todd Moyer, who was to produce a movie called, “The Legend of William Tell: 3D,” in which he was to be paid $2.25 million to appear in.

Fraser claims in the suit that Moyer hired and signed a contract with him in early 2011 for the movie that was to start filming in October of that year. Fraser reports he was fully committed to the film, even turning other lucrative deals down in order to keep his schedule clear.

According to TMZ, the wording in Fraser’s contract suggested that he was to be paid his acting fees whether the movie was done or not. Brendan also claims Moyer could not stay on schedule due to financial problems.

Fraser is seeking a total of $3 million in damages after tacking on several other fees to the original $2.25 million contract.

Meanwhile, “The Legend of William Tell: 3D,” is still considered in pre-production.

“As we told Mr. Fraser’s reps, we are ready, willing and able to make the movie for the September 3 start date,” Moyer stated.

Moyer also claims that part of the delay was due to Fraser insisting the movie be made into 3-D rather than the 2-D version Moyer and other producers intended.


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