Britney Spears Addicted To Meth? Sam Lutfi Testifies

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/20/2012 08:03 PM ET

Britney Spears was a meth addict, according to former manager Sam Lutfi, and he says that her legendary head-shaving and the umbrella car-smashing was a result of her drug use. Lutfi is in court suing various members of the singer's family.

Lutfi's biggest argument against Spears is for unpaid wages, alleging that he was entitled to 15 percent of her earnings during his stint as manager, and didn't receive payment. He's suing her mom for defamation; Lynne Spears' 2008 tell-all, Through the Storm A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, claimed that Lutfi drugged and manipulated her superstar daughter. And he's suing her dad over an alleged assault; Lutfi claims Jamie Spears punched him in the chest in January 2008, knocking "the wind out of him."

In court, Lutfi's lawyer, Joe Schleimer, said that the singer's fondness for uppers contributed to most, if not all, of the incidents that kept her in the tabloids in 2008.

"She liked to use amphetamines," the Daily Mail reports Schleimer as saying. "Mostly everything that went wrong was because of this drug."

Schleimer told the court that Spears shaved her head in 2007 because of her meth use. Specifically, she was afraid traces of the drug would be detected in her hair. At the time, she feared losing custody of her two sons, and Schleimer says she believed a judge would test her hair for drugs.

By January 2008, Lutfi alleges that drugs were still a problem for Spears. There's a reason that date sounds familiar. She hit bottom in front of paparazzi cameras that month, when an ambulance was called to her L.A. home. She was ultimately hospitalized and put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, but before cameras captured her being strapped to a stretcher, Spears had been locked in her home bathroom with her young son, Jayden.

As Schleimer told the court, Spears had been "popping pills for 36 hours" before taking her child hostage, refusing to give the boy over to his father, Spears' ex, Kevin Federline. The Daily Mail reports Schleimer as saying the pop star "had a prescription for amphetamines, and overdosed on them" before the ambulance was called.

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