​Britt Brady Split: Bachelorette Reality Stars Split During Season Finale

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Jul. 15, 2015

Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops have split, and it happened after dating less than six months. The former Bachelorette contestant met the man of her dreams only to have her life shattered, so it seems, according to US Magazine.

Britt fell in love during the ABC premiere episode of this season, which found Kaitlyn Bristowe being chosen as the Bachelorette. Brady decided to leave the show to pursue a relationship with her.

Once it was revealed that the duo decided to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend in the third episode of the season, they were not shy about sharing their love on social media, posting a bunch of photos on Instagram. However, the social media PDA soon screeched to a halt.

Britt Brady Split - The Bachelorette is alone again

Britt Brady Split - The Bachelorette is alone again

Britt and Brady then split, and the last photo of the duo together was almost a month ago. The caption read: “This is the pic that inspired me to start growing a mustache.. thank you.”

There is also the famous message with a photo of him and Kaitlyn from the premiere when he defended her from haters. It seems rather odd now that the two have split.

“I still obviously stand by my decision to leave, but Kaitlyn really is such a beautiful person!” Brady wrote. “And c’mon guys, @brittkarolina is obviously amazing as well! No haters please..”

Britt Nilsson continued to update fans on The Bachelorette their relationship throughout the season, and he even met her mom for the first time. However, the most recent update featured Brady, a musician, heading home to Nashville, with him staying in Los Angeles.

The two who fell in love have broken up

“I feel sad I’m leaving,” he told her before the split. She then told the cameras that she was hopeful the couple could make long-distance work. “The next stage will really be the test,” she said. “So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.”

Brady Toops isn’t one to fall into drama, and he showed that very well when he updated his relationship status on the ABC reality show. It’s obvious that he has a big following of people on social media, and many of them have been asking for another update.

As for Bristowe, Monday’s episode showed her selecting Shawn Booth and Nick Viall as her final two. The season finale airs June 27.

Britt and Brady may have split, even though they were only dating for a few months. It was almost as if there was another dating show going on during The Bachelorette series.

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