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Brittany Taltos ‘Jersey Shore’ Sunbathes, Gets Run Over

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
10/25/2012 05:04 PM ET

Brittany Taltos, who appeared on “Jersey Shore” last season, got run over by a truck. Taltos was sunbathing in her front yard on Saturday in Florida with her headphones on when a pickup truck back up and rolled over her head. It caused damaged to her ear canal, and she required 15 stitches to close a gash.

“I honestly thought I was going to die,” she said, after she was rushed to the emergency room. Doctors say she will make a full recovery. The driver was not cited.

“There is no where to park where I was laying!! He was backing over the sidewalk and over our front path to pick up a heavy cooler on our front porch,” she said. Once the driver had run over her, he pulled forward after hearing her scream.

As for the driver, 20-year-old Taylor Greer, he brought Brittany flowers during her hospital stay and was not charged for the accident.

“I was very relieved, very relieved,” Freer said.

It’s a miracle that Taltos was so lucky.

Her roommate, Diego Cabrera, told authorities that she had track marks on her head from the vehicle, and after paramedics transported her to the hospital, firefighters observed a “noticeable depression in the lawn” — most likely from Taltos’ head.

Taltos and her twin sister Erica both appeared on “Jersey Shore” and made brief appearances on the show “Bachelor Pad” as the famous twins.

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