​Bynes Job Offer As Playboy Radio Host​​

By: | 06/05/2021 08:13 PM ET

Amanda Bynes has turned away a job from Playboy, an offer to host a radio show on a trial basis, and the company was ready to extend it depending on how well it did.

Bynes allegedly received the information to host her own daily, hour-long radio show. The 27-year-old actress later rejected the proposal because she plans to record an album.

“I want to [do the show]. But I can’t because I’m recording an album!” she told TMZ. “I’ll go on their show for an interview when I’m promoting my album.”

The offer might be unexpected, but Bynes does have some experience as a headliner. She starred in Nickelodeon’s “The Amanda Show” and had main roles in “Figure It Out” and “All That.” However, her last job was back in 2010 playing the uber-religious Marianne Bryant in “Easy A.”

Last year, Bynes had plans to become a fashion designer and launch her career in New York.

That certainly didn’t pan out.

Instead, the troubled starlet’s time in NYC has included her getting kicked out of gyms, arrested, sent for a psychological evaluation and allegedly evicted from her midtown apartment.