​Carrie Underwood Saves Chipmunk, Takes it to Vet​​

September 1, 2021

Carrie Underwood, a known animal lover, thought she was doing the right thing when she got her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, to rescue a chipmunk. Underwood said it had gotten into their home, but they were able to corner it.

The Grammy winner showed her big brave hubby running after the little critter in their bathroom.

“A squirrel got into our house,” she said, before being corrected by Fisher, 33, who told her it was a chipmunk.

As he grabbed the animal to put it into a plastic container and take it outside, it began squealing, which prompted Underwood to plead, “Don’t hurt it.”

Just eight minutes later she and her husband were driving in their car with of their dogs when Underwood, 30, took pictures of her husband’s right hand, which revealed two red bite marks.

“Newfound respect for the mighty chipmunk,” he said.

And just in case you were wondering what happened to the fearless beast after its savage attack on the Nashville Predators center, the Grammy winner had an update:

“The chipmunk is back outside where it belongs!” she Tweeted.

Underwood shared a picture of the adorable little critter cradled in a pair of hands. “Meet Dale. My dog, Ace, tried to eat him today!” she posted. “Good news: the vet does take care of chipmunks and Dale is doing fine!”

Though, it seemed to surprise many that Underwood actually took a chipmunk, which aren’t really pets, to a vet, but she did. She acknowledged the unusual nature of her action, but hey, she was looking out for the little guy! She doesn’t plan to keep him as a pet, however. She will return him to the wild, far, far away from Ace.

“And yes, I did take a chipmunk to the vet. And no, I’m not keeping him!” Underwood revealed.

The animal kingdom is lucky to have a human advocate like Underwood looking out for all members of its population, big and small. She’s also pretty kind to her fellow humans, as well. Case in point: Giving a 12-year-old fan his very first kiss recently — onstage, no less.