​Carville, Matalin Leave CNN Amid Network Changes For Contributors​​

James Carville and Mary Matalin spoke out after their leave from CNN on Thursday’s “CBS This Morning.” What’s surprising is that the two are the network’s most prominent pundits.

Carville Matalin Leave CNN

It was announced on Tuesday that Carville and Matalin, along with contributors Erick Erickson, Bill Bennett and Maria Cardona, are leaving CNN. But the details of their departure have sent mixed messages. For the most part, it seems as if CNN is changing their policy for on-air contributors.

When asked what prompted the exit on Thursday, Carville said, “What CNN said was they want contributors to be there on set.”

“Which makes sense,” Matalin added.

“It makes total sense,” Carville agreed. “But it’s a strategy we can’t fulfill.”

The couple currently lives in New Orleans and has a television set in their home for live appearances.

Their departures are part of a major shake-up now taking place at CNN, with Jeff Zucker in control. Other changes include a morning show with Chris Cuomo, an afternoon show with Jake Tapper, a new sports show and non-news shows hosted by Anthony Bourdain and Morgan Spurlock.

It’s actually one of the biggest shakeups at CNN in over a decade, but politics will never be the same without Carville and Matalin.

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