Cee Lo Green’s Accuser Alleges Ecstasy Drug Slipped In Drink

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
11/05/2021 11:47 AM ET

Singer Cee Lo Green’s accuser alleges that he not only sexually assaulted her, but she has proof that he drugged and abused her by recording a conversation of sexual assault has said that she has proof that he drugged and abused her.

She allegedly recorded a conversation she had with Cee Lo and sources say he admitted that he gave her a drug and then had sex with her, though Cee Lo denies the whole thing.

The accuser told the police that he took her to a sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. last July. They had drinks and then she remembers nothing that happened after that.

All she knows is that she woke up, naked in a bed and Cee Lo was in the room with her. She reportedly went straight to the police and filed a report.

Since she does not live in California, she went to her local police and they referred her to LAPD. LAPD then allegedly had her make a call that would bait Cee Lo into admitting the crime and they recorded it.

TMZ reports that sources told them that Cee Lo is on the recording saying he thought that the drug, Ecstasy would help them have fun and he apologizes several times.

Police went to the restaurant to see if anyone there noticed anything between the singer and the woman, though nothing has been said regarding that investigation.

Cee Lo’s reps say that if the recording existed then he would already be arrested for the crime. There are differing reports that the accuser demanded money from the singer before going to police and also that she called his managers asking if he had any diseases.

Cee Lo is extremely angry about the whole thing and denies that he did anything wrong at all and says that he has not been at the sushi restaurant in months.

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