Celebrities Suspended From School And Why

There are many celebrities who got suspended from high school for bad behavior. Just when you thought they were good students, school records can reveal how they were suspended and which celebrities were fighting. This list may surprise you.

Guitar legend Eric Clapton has inspired generations of musicians. However, his focus on guitar got him in serious trouble in school. He was expelled for playing the instrument in class.

Singer Lily Allen was born into the entertainment industry, but that didn’t stop her from getting booted from a prestigious prep school. She attended 13 schools as a youngster and was expelled more than a few times. When recently asked the reason why, Lily gave a candid reply: “I just wasn’t doing any work and I was drinking and smoking and getting in fights.”

The popular “Girls Aloud” singer Cheryl Cole was suspended from school twice. She was expelled twice for fighting. The singer finally dropped out at the age of 16 to pursue her music career.

Though rapper Snoop Dogg has been in trouble for possession of marijuana and a weapon, his expulsion from an elementary school for gifted students had nothing to do with guns or drugs. He was expelled for flashing his private parts in the classroom. Why does that seem funny?

To his devoted fans, Robert Pattinson is known as the heartthrob of the “Twilight” film series or the dashing Cedric Diggory of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Most were surprised when he recently announced he was suspended from elementary school. He used to save slimy snails and bring them to class.

Most celebrities were good students, but a few stand out. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine any of these celebrities being bad in school. I guess everyone changes as they grow older in life.

By: Bill Waters
Published: Aug 8, 2021
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