Sheen Sues Owner Of Strip Club

05/03/2021 05:50 PM ET

Actor Charlie Sheen had threatened to sue a famous strip club in New York City over the use of his name if they don’t stop, but the owner laughs over the irony of the complaint.

Charlie had his lawyers send a cease-and-desist order to the people running Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club in Manhattan on a special VIP dining room named after the actor as he did not give them permission to use it.

The executives at the club created the room named after Sheen, and decorated it with pictures of him, due to his previously notorious partying lifestyle with strippers and prostitutes.

“We sent a cease-and-desist letter, and they complied. This matter has nothing to do with Sheen’s reputation. You can’t use any celebrity name to promote a business without permission. They had no right to use his name,” Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer told

Meanwhile, Sam Zherka, who is the president of the company that owned the strip club, said that by the time they received the order, they had already changed the name of the VIP room.

He also says that in the order if they did not comply, Sheen would have sued them for millions. Zherka went on to claim they named the room after Sheen because they thought it would be comical and actually help the star’s reputation.

“How could sushi damage Charlie Sheen’s reputation? We thought dedicating a room to dine in his honor would help repair and elevate his image. He should have called us up and thanked us,” Zherka says.


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