​Chelsea O’Donnell Says Mother Rosie Lies About ‘Bubbly’ Persona In Public

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Oct. 9, 2015

Chelsea O’Donnell opens up about what really happened int he days she was reported missing by her mother in August. Chelsea says Rosie O’Donnell puts on a fake public persona and has little to do with her life behind closed doors, according to New York Daily News.

O’Donnell, 18, has spoken for the first time about the issue and wanted to disclose what she sees as her mother’s hypocrisy. Chelsea says that Rosie’s bubbly and engaging personality is belied by the way she is at home.

“I find her not genuine a lot of the time. When we’d go out, she was a completely different person in public than at home and I had a hard time with that. It’s like two different people.”

Chelsea O’Donnell says she was kicked out last August.

Chelsea O’Donnell also spoke to deny the star’s public claims - made through O’Donnell’s own social media accounts and apparently to the police - that she had run away from home and instead said Rosie had kicked her out two weeks before her 18th birthday.

Rosie O’Donnell also said at the time that Chelsea was mentally ill, a claim which was repeated by a police officer - but Chelsea said: “I wouldn’t say I’m mentally ill — I would say lots of people struggle with what I have.” And she tells how despite Rosie’s public avowal of the importance of family life, she had been largely raised by nannies, and is closer to two of them than to Rosie.

The teen also revealed her heartache at being separated from her brothers and sister when she was 13 to be sent to a boarding school 2,000 miles from home.

Chelsea shared details of life inside Rosie’s mansion in Nyack, New York, why the 53-year-old suddenly left “The View” last year and what led to the breakdown in her marriages to wives Kelli Carpenter and Michelle Rounds.

In her interview she reveals details of O’Donnell’s life away from the public sphere, including how she likes to lock herself away in an “arts and crafts house” to paint, blast Madonna on the stereo and smoke weed.

“I find her not genuine a lot of the time. When we’d go out, she was a completely different person in public than at home and I had a hard time with that. It’s like two different people. … I feel she should be her real self, who she really is. She has this public persona; she will put this big smile on her face and try to be funny. She would always go up to people and want to hold their babies in public. She had this happy, friendly side to her,” Chelsea said.

O’Donnell added: “Whereas when we were home, even if it was on the same day, she would either just be in her room, not engaging with us, or watching documentaries.
‘And if we didn’t want to do what she wanted to do, it would cause a big issue.”

The teen revealed what daily life is like in Rosie’s house.

“Our dinners were mostly ordering in pizza or Chinese food because nobody could really cook except for my other mom, Kelli (Carpenter, Rosie’s first ex-wife). “Rosie would eat takeout with us and if there were cookies in the house, she would eat them all. She was always coming into our rooms and asking if we had candy. She would drink beer when we were growing up but after her heart attack she couldn’t. Now I think she drinks wine.”

Chelsea O’Donnell also alleges that Rosie smokes weed and that the house smells like it most of the time, and that she was kicked out of the home in August. Rosie suffered a heart attack in August 2012 which led to her adopting a new diet, her daughter said.

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