Cher Finds Love On Facebook

Cher finds love on Facebook. Singer Cher signed up on Facebook to keep in contact with friends & family, but found love instead. Apparently, Cher was having trouble finding dates while in Las Vegas for her longstanding show at Caesar’s Palace.

Not shockingly, Cher found a date. Although, on their first date together he was shocked to see that it was actually the Academy Award winneing singer. He was amused, because he thought he was going to meet an impersonator.

Once the man realized it was her, the two talked and became good friends. “She ended up meeting someone special,” stated Chelsea Traille, a dancer who plays Coco in Cher’s upcoming return-to-the-movies flick, “Burlesque.”

“He thought she was an impersonator in Vegas,” explained Traille, “His friend was like, ‘That’s Cher you idiot!’ He asked her and she was like, ‘Yeah, that’s me.’ They met, they hang out. Now they’re best friends.”

Comic writer Ron Zimmerman is Cher’s current love interest. He is also friends with the singer on Facebook. However, it is unknown if that’s how the couple met.

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