​Cher Wants Road Trip To Marry Tim Medvetz​​

By: | 08/26/2012 03:09 AM ET

Cher, 66, has no age requirement to marry and things with Tim Medvetz than her former husbands, which is why she might be planning a quick ceremony at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, even though he’s 42 years old.

Cher was reportedly engaged to Medvetz in 2008, and the two are said to be planning a road trip across the United States before they marry. To make it more interesting, the 42-year-old was a Hells Angels biker before he turned to mountain climbing. In addition, the singer’s kids are encouraging their mom to give marriage another try.

The singer does have a lot in common with Medvertz. For example, they recently scaled Mount Everest for a second time. They were previously in a relationship a few years ago and came close to getting wed in 2008, but her busy career interrupted their plans.

When the two recently separated, Chaz finally sat his mother down and said, “Mom, get a life! Go back to Tim!” the source revealed. “They picked up right where they left off.”

Medvetz is the founder and president of The Heroes Project, an organization that supports veterans, soldiers and military families, and in which Cher has been involved.

The star has been married twice before. Her first husband was the late Sonny Bono - Chaz’s father - who she wed in 1963 and divorced in 1975.

Cher then walked down the aisle with blues musician Gregg Allman - who is Elijah Blue’s dad - later that same year, but they separated after two years before finalizing their divorce in 1979.