Cheryl Cole Sues X-Factor Seeking $2 Million

By: | 12/12/2021 09:04 AM ET
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Cheryl Cole sues the X-Factor for not being paid for her short stint as a judge on the American version of the show. The British pop star joined Simon Cowell for three season’s and she became the winning judge and mentor twice during those years.

When Cowell decided to take the hugely successful British show to the U.S. in 2011 he also asked Cole to join the judging panel. But after only 2 audition segments of the American version of the show Cole was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, who was originally co-hosting the show with Steve Jones.

At the time, Cole left the show it was not known what the reason was for her departure. Rumors varied from being fired because American audiences had trouble understanding her accent, being fired because of a lack of chemistry between her and co-judge Paula Abdul, and that she had stepped down herself due to homesickness.

A couple of months after Cole’s departure, Cowell announced that the reason why Cole left was because he offered her the job in the UK version back, and he felt that she would have been more comfortable there. He said if her departure had anything to do with her not getting along with Abdul, then he would not be judging the show.

Cole was paid $1.8 million dollars by Blue Orbit Productions for her very short stint on the American version of the show. But now Cole is claiming she is still owed millions more.

She named Blue Orbit in her suit claiming she had not been paid an additional $2 million she was owed for the second series as part of a “pay or play” clause in her contract, as well as money she was allegedly promised for expenses.

In the lawsuit, she lists expenses, she is also owed money that includes, $100,000 for a wardrobe allowance as a one-time payment, a $25,000 stylist budget, $15,000-per-month for accommodation and a $2,500-per-month living allowance. Cole is also seeking reimbursement for security and travel costs, as well as interest on the money she is allegedly owed, and legal costs.

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