Comedian Chris Rock Bill Cosby Incident

Chris Rock Bill Cosby incident almost ruined the comedian’s career. Chris Rock was on the set of the Cosby Show and totally threw Bill under the bus during his comedy routine. Adam Sandler invited Chris Rock to be on the set of Bill Cosby when he was in his late teens.

“Rock, all of a sudden, starts going, ‘And what’s with this Bill Cosby?’ Everyone’s like nervously laughing,” Adam Sandler said in a statement. “He went on an anti-Bill Cosby five minute run. The crowd was all people from Queens. They just worship Cosby. They’re like, ‘I’m gonna murder this skinny young man.’ Cosby was like, ‘Not in my house…’ so they yanked Rock outta there… and asked him not to come back.”

Rock, born Christopher Julius Rock III, was an instant hit with Cosby and his fans until he turned on the star of the show. However, the incident soon blew over, and he soon found himself as the fifth greatest stand-up comedian of all times. He has starred in over 35 movies and 20 television programs in a matter of 25 years.

The actor and comedian has been married for 14 years to Malaak Compton-Rock. She is the founder and executive director of StyleWorks, a non-profit, full-service salon that provides free services for women leaving welfare and entering the workforce. The couple has 2 daughters together, Lola Simone, soon to be 8-years old and Zahra Savannah 6-years-old.