​Chumlee Pawn Stars Dead From Marijuana Overdose​​

By: | 06/08/2021 04:09 PM ET

Chumlee of Pawn Stars is alive, despite rumors floating around that he’s dead, but he’s only the victim of yet another celebrity hoax. If you need further proof, he debunked it himself on Twitter.

Posting under his real name, Austin Russell, he said he’s alive and well.

“I am Alive and kicking some times you can’t believe the hype — Austin Russell (@chumlee_),” he wrote.

But the hoax still hasn’t died down two days later, causing the Pawn Stars cast member to provide further proof that he is alive and kicking:

Chum’s death hoax started on The Internet Chronicle, which apparently completely fabricated a story about Chumlee being found dead by “Big Hoss” Harrison on Tuesday morning. The site listed the cause of death as marijuana overdose (that should have been your first clue).

The Internet Chronicle also uses the .su country code top-level domain, which is used for the former Soviet Union, and appears to frequently publish false information. Other “reports” include articles titled “Associated Press ‘Joins Anonymous,’” referring to the hacker collective, “Jodi Arias dead from apparent suicide,” “Stephen Hawking joins Illuminati, snubs Israel,” and “Kim Jong-Un cancels nuclear war, reveals he is K-pop star PSY.”

Despite the claims, there was still an outpouring of grief on the Chronicle’s web page.

“You were a funny and loving guy on the show, you will truly be missed..rest in peace Chumlee,” said one commenter.