​Cindy Crawford Reveals Bubbly Champagne Photos​​

Cindy Crawford promoted her Hall Entry Table furniture in 2012, but celebrated the New Year with a bottle of champagne in her latest photoshoot near the famous Hollywood sign.

The supermodel is pictured in a seductive dress as she pours the bottle all over her, letting the bubbles dribble down her face, and Crawford could only do it while wearing bright-red heels.

Crawford, 46, posted the photo on Monday, which eventually went viral. I’m sure her advertising company is thrilled by the photo shoot exposure. However, Crawford was quick to remind everyone that the behavior was all for the show.

“Happy New Year!! We’re popping champagne tonight to ring in the new year… although it probably won’t be as fun as doing this shoot with Terry Richardson. ‘Have fun & be safe tonight,’” she wrote on her Facebook page.

The photo shoot was done by famed photographer Terry Richardson, who did a fantastic job earning the attention the photo has one the Web.

The supermodel’s 11-year-old daughter Kaia recently shot her first fashion campaign for Young Versace, the designer’s line for children aged 0-12. However, it seems her mother is being very careful and protective of her potential modeling career.

“At this point, she’s too young to pursue a career. There aren’t even a handful of jobs for a 10-year-old girl. … But if she’s 17 and wants to try it… of course, what can I say?,’” she recently said in an interview.

The fashion industry respects Crawford because she is said to be one of the original supermodels who still looks better than most women in their twenties.

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