​Courtney Stodden: Stodden Reveals Age Caused Break Up​​

November 12, 2021

Courtney Stodden talks about her high-profile break-up with Doug Hutchison, which lasted three years. The 19-year-old said the news isn’t a stunt, but she married the 53-year-old actor in a fairytale life that took away her freedom.

Stodden said the break up started when she went away to film Big Brother in England.

“I couldn’t neglect my desires and wanting to embrace my independence and freedom,” she said. Stodden talked about her impending divorce with E! News in her first exclusive interview since she called it quits from the Green Mile star on November 5, despite once calling him her “soul mate.”

“I am feeling good. Obviously any break-up is stressful. We’ve gone through quite a bit as of late, but I am feeling good,” Stodden told British correspondent, Melanie Bromley.

When asked what went wrong she said: “My age, obviously,” and tearfully denied that the split was for publicity. Covered in glitter with a mane of long hair and heavy make-up, Courtney looked older than her 19 years as she gushed through over-plump lips.

“I don’t understand why we would do that right now, with how many people were against us. This isn’t a stunt,” said Stodden.

Once inseparable, Courtney claims that the relationship with Doug changed when she went away to appear on Big Brother in the UK, which was the first time she had been apart from him for more than 24 hours.

“I missed him, but not intimately. I couldn’t neglect my desires and wanting to embrace my independence and freedom,” Stodden told E! News.

“I was definitely scared but I think I felt more pressured and responsible. When we got married, he lost his family. His managers dropped him, his agent put a pin in his career, he lost his friends, and I became his world,” she confessed.