​Courtney Stodden Reveals Lips, Surgery Injections​​

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February 12, 2021

Courtney Stodden reveals lips after recent injections from cosmetic surgery on Feb. 9. This is one of the recent changes for the 19-year-old, who climbed to fame after marrying 53-year-old Doug Hutchison. Courtney was only 16 when they had their wedding.

However, Stodden split from Hutchison and is trying to pave her own way in life. Many people say that Courtney has an “identity crises” because she has made several changes in the last few months. She dyed her signature bleach blonde hair and became a brunette, and she’s been spotted spending time with men her own age.

The Courtney Stodden lips is one thing, but how about all of her wardrobe changes? She was once seen in six different outfits in one day. Perhaps she was interviewing jobs in the workforce, but it remains a mystery.

On Sunday, she showed off her latest change, posting a photo on Twitter of her new lips.

She has been open about her previous cosmetic procedures. Shortly before her split from Hutchison she got larger breast implants, which she has said caused a rift between the couple.

Maybe the famous lips will help Courtney nab someone her own age, like a nice college boy or a high school pal from her hometown of Tacoma, Washington. You never know what the future holds. As far as marriage goes, she’s probably over that too.

It’s probably true that she doesn’t know what she wants, and who can blame her.