​Cowell Loses $20,000 Bet, No ‘Sore Loser’​​

Simon Cowell reportedly loses a $20,000 bet on X-Factor contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar Thursday night to L.A. Ried, who got paid after Country Western singer Tate Stevens won a $5 million recording contract.

However, Cowell hasn’t displayed any signs of being a sore loser and plans to send his rival - who recently announced he would not return to the reality series next year after two seasons on the judging panel - a check as soon as possible.

Cowell recently insisted L.A. is leaving the show with regret in an effort to focus on his job as chairman of Epic Records.

The 56-year-old record producer knew he would only make a short-term commitment to the series, but will continue to work with the X Factor boss on other projects.

”I came into this knowing that it wasn’t gonna become my life,” Ried said. ”Simon and I are really good friends, and he knew at some point I needed to get back to work.”

The “X Factor” is a British reality competition crafted by Simon Cowell. Brought over to America for the very first time last year, the “X Factor” crowned Melane Amaro the show’s very first winner. Many compared her voice and stage presence to that of Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.

On season 2 of “X Factor,” Cowell and Reid were joined by Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.

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