​Creepy Teaser In Box Set Includes Twilight Doll​​

November 5, 2021

Creepy Twilight doll: “Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga” is a new box set that will include a creepy doll that was first developed to play baby Renesmee. The new Blu-ray and DVD Twilight box set will be in stores on Tuesday.

Fans of the mega-blockbuster “Twilight” films can get a sneak peak at all the behind-the-scenes goods — including an exclusive look at the creepy doll that was first developed to play baby Renesmee — in the new series box set, which is in stores Tuesday.

“Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga,” a Blu-ray and DVD combo set of all five films, features everything from outtakes and exclusive content to cast interviews and photos.

The box set also provides the first glimpse of the creepy “Renesmee” doll, which the film’s actors mentioned in pre-premiere interviews but was never seen in the final versions of the movies.

Renesmee, who is the half-human, half-vampire child of main characters Bella and Edward, was a challenge to show on-screen because she is supposed to mature at a rapid rate, as per the books. “Twilight’s” creative team first built a 3-foot-tall animatronic robot dubbed “Chuckesmee” after the Chucky doll, but the result was so terrifying that they couldn’t use it.

“Chuckesmee was a giant misfire on all fronts,” “Twilight” director Bill Condon told Entertainment Weekly last year when the final film premiered. “Truly, it was one of the most grotesque things I’ve ever seen. It was a horror show! There was one shot where I call, ‘Cut!’ and suddenly she turns her head and mechanically stares right into the camera. It was incredibly disturbing.”