CSI Creator Divorced For New Speedy Wedding

CSI creator Anthony Zuiker has finalized his divorced from ex-wife Jennifer so that he could quickly to have a speedy wedding with someone else, this time with preschool teacher Michelle Territo.

Zuiker, 44, has been dating Territo for a year, and even though he’s on the fast-track to divorce, he still needs to settle some money issues.

When Zuiker married Jennifer in 1999, they didn’t sign a pre-nup — a big mistake for Zuiker, as “CSI” has gone on to generate more than $6 billion. The biggest issue in their divorce is money, and TMZ claims that Jennifer “will make out like a bandit.”

Zuiker’s personal wealth is estimated to be as much as $100 million, and it’s likely there will be a huge settlement with his ex-wife getting a huge chunk of change. That’s due to the fact the couple didn’t sign a prenup before getting married. Not a smart decision on the part of the multi-million dollar “CSI” creator.

All’s fair in love and war though, and Zuicker now has a new love interest named Michelle Territo. Even though his divorce was not official, he’s been dating Territo, a preschool teacher, for over a year now. It’s expected they may go and quickly get married next month, now that they legally can.

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