Cyrus Racy Pictures Create Tarnished Image Of Disney Star (PHOTOS)

Cyrus Racy Pictures Leaked On Internet (PHOTOS)

By: John Lester
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 28, 2021

Cyrus Racy pictures create tarnished image. Miley Cyrus leaked racy photos and pictures are flooding the Internet once again. The Disney star is getting a bad reputation after more photos are leaked once again.

Cyrus, 18, is upset with the leaked pictures, according to an inside source. No one knows why these shocking photos are being sent out in the first place. Moreover, no one knows how they got on the Internet.

The former Hannah Montana has been the topic of much gossip over the last few weeks including supposed naked cellphone photos leaked, and a smoking bong controversy. Following the smoking salvia bong photo that leaked Dec. 10, Miley was again caught, on camera, doing some not so G rated activities. It's actually pretty sad knowing that Miley Cyrus is going through a bad time with her family breaking up in divorce.

The young Miley Cyrus has already damaged her clean reputation. Kelly Osbourne, a close friend and confidant came to her defense over the ensuing scandal. Perhaps these photos aren't a big deal, but the tabloids are going crazy over them.