​Dave Navarro Opens Up About Loss Of Mother In Mourning Son Film

Author: Michael StevensBy:
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Oct, 31, 2015

Dave Navarro is part of a new documentary called Mourning Son, which chronicles the loss he has felt since his mother died in 1983. The musician appeared to cry as he said the killing changed his life forever, according to Rolling Stone.

Navarro’s film, helmed by first-time director Todd Newman, takes a harrowing and intimate look at the circumstances surrounding the murder as well as the emotional fallout. Dave took a turn for the worse into depression and drug addiction.

Dave Navarro in new Mourning Son documentary

“I’ve never been the one to not share what’s going on with me emotionally. I think as an artist and as a musician, that’s just inherent, that’s what we do,” he explains. “It’s the most profound moment of my life, and I don’t think I should sweep it under the rug anymore.”

Dave Navarro also hopes his experiences can serve as a tool to help others who have survived the trauma of losing a family member to murder. “Many of us invent our own coping skills,” he said in a press release. “Mourning Son is my journey of discovering which of these mechanisms might send me further into suffering and which would help me recover and heal.”

The rocker’s mother, Constance Navarro, and his aunt, Sue Jory, were murdered by Constance’s ex-boyfriend, John Riccardi, on March 3, 1983, when Dave was just 15 years old. The trailer for the documentary reveals images of the victims and the crime scene as it flashes across the screen.

“He takes the pillow, sticks it over her face, and snuffs out the last breathe of life,” it says. The documentary is very heavy and those watching it are warned of its graphic nature.

Navarro and Newman have also set up a website for Mourning Son; at present, it only contains the trailer. However, Dave says his fans should keep an eye for the release of the film on Dec. 1 via on-demand services.

“My mother was in a relationship, the relationship ended, she wanted to go a different way, and her then-ex-boyfriend murdered her and my aunt,” Navarro said. “Sometimes it’s hard to link domestic violence with murder because it’s such a broad jump. Except it is a domestically violent situation and probably the worst-case scenario in a domestically violent world.”

Dave Navarro also connected with “Law and Order: SVU” star Mariska Hargitay to put a spotlight on domestic violence in its Ray Rice-themed episode in November. Rice, a former NFL running back, brought the issue of domestic violence to the forefront after a security camera showed him knocking his then-fiancee Janay Rice out in a casino elevator.

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