​David Hasselhoff Changed Name To David Hoff For Australian Telecommunications Provider

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Nov, 15, 2015

David Hasselhoff has changed his name as fans might suggest the actor is having a crisis with his identity. It’s a rather odd request, since most people have known only one name for the Baywatch icon. But now he wants to be known by David Hoff, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The actor is claiming that he changed his name, shortening the former moniker we all know so well. However, it’s unclear how serious he is about an official name change.

David Hasselhoff changed name for Australian telecommunications provider

“I’ve been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years. Now, I have made it official – David Hoff,” the 63-year-old says. He then tweeted the following message from his Twitter account.

“Big news today and a massive relief for me. I hope everyone can understand… it feels great! — David Hoff.”

As David Hasselhoff changed his name, a rep from his camp said that it’s for an Australian telecommunications provider. Hoff (we guess we should start calling him that now, right?) has had a busy year, appearing in the newest “Sharknado,” along with “Ted 2.”

“It’s an excerpt from an ad campaign that launches in Australia this weekend,” the rep said. “David is just having some fun and more will be revealed in the next 24 hours.”

The actor shared his commercial for the Australian telecommunications provider on Friday, further explaining his decision to alter his name in the video.

“I got tons of people asking me why I changed my name,” the video’s description reads. “Well for all those of you wondering… I realized life’s better when you get rid of the hassles! ‪#‎lesshasslemorehoff.”

“I got tired of living with hassle, so I got rid of it, completely,” Hasselhoff says. “And you can too. With Amaysim,” David continues. “No contracts, unlimited calls to your mates. Just pick your data! I had to change my name. All you have to do is change your telco.”

Real or not, the shortened name isn’t that huge of a change for the “Baywatch” star since he’s used the nickname, The Hoff, for years. The (sort of) new identity comes at time when the “Knight Rider” alum has been trying to reinvigorate his career.

In March, the 63-year-old actor spoke about reports of a big-screen adaption of his 1990s hit series “Baywatch.”

“I look at that as part of my past and part of a glorious past that made me a ton of money and opened up the world,” he said. “And everybody wants to take it and change it and make fun of it. That’s their prerogative. But I’m all into bigger and better things.”

Most people thought the actor was serious after David Hasselhoff changed his name on the video. David Hoff should be easy, and it was good enough for the Australian telecommunications provider. It’s short and clean.

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