​David Lee Roth Bald: Van Halen Singer Shaves Head For Audience

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Jan, 13, 2015 | 2:05 PM

David Lee Roth bald - He’s a rock & roll legend who is now bald, but that doesn’t keep David Lee Roth off the stage. The Van Halen singer showed up with the Foo Fighters on Saturday night in Los Angeles. He actually looks pretty good for his age. It was reported by Examiner that being bald is actually cool these days, and the no hair gave a “no care vibe” at the concert.

“Nobody knew he was going to be on stage. We came to watch the Foo Fighters and got a lucky surprise,” one concertgoer said.

The former Van Halen singer wasn’t the only one who showed up, because the band pulled out an all-star roster of guest stars on Saturday at the Forum in Inglewood, including Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, Slash and Joe Walsh.

“It was a big lineup, but the biggest surprise was when Roth revealed his head,” another concertgoer said.

David Lee Roth is proudly bald and he showed it when he came out wearing a hat and sang a couple of Van Halen songs. While singing “Panama,” he pulled off his hat to reveal his bald head during his birthday celebration, according to The Inquisitr. Yes, it’s a clean shaven, and that seems to be the new style he will adapt.

It’s amazing that he can pull off the bald look, and continue to entertain the crowd as he has done for the past 40 years. He wore a t-shirt, but his stomach looked ripped with abs in a YouTube video. He’s proving that age is not an issue when it comes to rock n’ roll.

The new look has many people grasping for air, including I95Rock. They point out that while they knew Roth has used hair extensions in the past, they never thought he would shave his head. But people are giving it a thumbs up.

“As a die-hard VH/David Lee fan I have to say that I never saw this coming. Part of me thinks he looks cool while another part of me thinks he looks kinda creepy. At the end of the day, however, I’m gonna give him a thumbs up. Enough with the cut and paste job he’s been doing for years now with comb overs, comb forwards, spray-on hair, toupees, weaves, hair dye. You name it, Dave’s tried it. If guys like Rob Halford, Michael Stipe and Billy Corgan can pull it off why can’t Diamond David Lee Roth?,” notes I95Rock.com.

David Lee Roth revealed he’s bald without being embarrassed. If you’re a Roth fan, you might be shocked, but it’s not actually that bad. He has pulled off this new look boldly and without criticism.

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