​Demi Lovato Haircut Goes Viral On Social Networks

Staff Reporter
Aug. 5, 2014

Demi Lovato’s latest haircut reminds everyone of her Disney days on “Sonny With A Chance,” from the photo she posted on Twitter earlier this week.

The haircut was revealed in a new photo on Lovato’s Twitter account along with the caption, “New hair!!!!” And while her fans pretty much love anything Lovato does to her hair, her new look seems to be everyone’s favorite thus far.

It’s as if chopping off some hair has taken Lovato all the way back to her Disney star days — and in a much more perfect/mature/seasoned way, of course. No regression here! In fact, somehow she looks even younger than before!

Either her fans want the name of Lovato’s hairstylist, or they want the name of whoever invented her special anti-aging time machine.

But don’t expect Lovato to keep those brunette locks the same for long.

“I love changing my hair a lot-I think it’s fun,” she told Allure magazine last year.

And the X Factor star’s little secret to healthy hair, no matter what length it is?

“I really love deep conditioning my hair,” she said. “And I wait as long as I can before I need to wash my hair. I think that’s the best thing girls can do for their hair because washing it a lot makes your scalp really dry.”

Lovato recently told entertainment reporter Ryan Seacrest that she is releasing a new album in April 2013.

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