​Denise Richards Still Mourns Loss Of Dog​​

Denise Richards’ French bulldog Hank passed away, on Sunday, at the age of 13. The following day she and her family went public with the devastating news.

“Last night we lost our beloved Hank … I will miss him dearly, 13 yrs old … been there for me thru it all Best dog ever and part of our family,” the 41-year-old celebrity tweeted.

Presently, Denise Richards is grateful to those who spared a few moments to offer her some comfort.

“Thank you so much for your kind messages about Hank … it means a lot to me. You guys are the best … so thoughtful and kind. Xo,” reads one other of the actress’s Twitter posts.

The Richards’ family consists of she, her three daughters, and all of their rescue cats and dogs. Their most recently adopted family member is a black Labrador mix puppy, named Lily.

The 41-year-old actress adopted Lily after working in the Long Island shelter where she was being housed. They had extra animals needing homes due to destruction from hurricane Sandy.

According to a post on the shelter’s Facebook page, Richards and her older daughters Sam, 8, and Lola, 7, became irrevocably attached to the black Labrador mix puppy.

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