​Dennis Rodman Fired By Trump After Insulting Wife’s Product​​

Dennis Rodman gets fired by Donald Trump on the All Star Celebrity Apprentice, but to the NBA Hall of Famer’s credit, he has sobered up to become a better person this season on the show.

What he did was upset Trump’s wife for spelling her name wrong on an advertising brochure for Melania’s skincare line. Even so, he chalked it up as something “little” and said “people make mistakes.” But that wasn’t enough to keep him in the game.

Since he was the project manager, it was his responsibility, and he did sign-off on the task.

Personally, I agree with Rodman that it was a little mistake, and if that’s enough to get him fired, then he’s hanging with the wrong crowd.

Trump did ask Rodman, “If somebody mispelled your name in a baskball arena, wouldn’t you get upset?”

Rodman responded by saying “No, because people already know me” and that’s a true statement.

The All Star Celebrity Apprentice is on Sunday evenings on your local NBC affiliate.