​Derek Hough Mystery Woman: Girl Pal Mystery As Hough Invites Woman On Vacation

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January 4, 2021

Derek Hough’s mystery woman is not Kate Hudson, but a brunette who met up with the dance pro in St. Bart’s. The female pal ran up and hugged him tightly, as the pair talked and appeared to be close, according to the New York Daily News. In other words, we suspect that Derek is dating her, and one witness tells appeared to be more than friends.

“They hugged and sat together in a quiet spot,” the insider said.

There’s a lot of speculation going on about the new female pal. For one, the idea of going on a vacation with a companion has raised eyebrows. The pair also took quiet walks on the beach together.

“The two walked the beach alone and eventually sat down together,” the witness said.

Derek Hough’s mystery woman comes after he and Hudson spent the holidays apart, with her on vacation in Aspen while he was in St. Bart’s. While he was getting cozy with his brunette pal, the actress was seen spending time with her former fiancé last week. The ex-couple are parents to a 3-year-old son named Bingham, and when announcing the couple’s split early last month, Hudson’s rep noted that the two “remain very close friends and committed co-parents,” according to the Examiner.

Derek is enjoying life, from the way things seem. The 29-year-old looked very relaxed in the unknown brunette’s company as they hugged closely while deep in conversation. He had no problem putting on a tactile display with this stunning young woman.

The young woman looked stunning in a mismatched bikini, the top half a leopard print triangle cut piece and the bottoms in a bold blue tone. Her incredibly slender physique was on full show in the swimwear, her leggy pins the main attraction. She wore her long tresses down in a wavy style and covered up her face in sunglasses.

This Derek Hough mystery woman appears to have a lot of class. While the woman dressed in a bikini, he wore casual shorts with an undone shirt and a baseball cap., notes Daily Mail. Fully getting into the holiday spirit, the handsome hunk clutched what appeared to be a bottle of beer as he sat close with his female pal.

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