​Dog The Bounty Hunter Sued By Disgruntled Bail Bondsman Over Fabricated Phone Call

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Jul. 20, 2015

Dog The Bounty Hunter is being sued for $30 million from a disgruntled rival for fabricating a phone conversation. Duane “Dog” Chapman, star of U.S. TV show, and his wife Beth have been accused of ruining a good name, according to TMZ.

Bounty hunter Charles Fisher filed the suit alleging that the TV duo fabricated a phone conversation in their TV show On The Hunt to make it appear he was a “corrupt bondsman.” Fisher also claims the show implied he had stolen $20,000 and used connections in jail to drum up business for his bounty hunting, and he is demanding $30 million in damages.

Fisher claims because of the heavily edited portrayal of his work on the show, his reputation has been forever tarnished and his career is drying up. He also alleges the Chapmans only paid him $5,000 of an agreed upon $20,000 over some phone lines he sold the couple.

Dog The Bounty Hunter sued for damages by rival bail bondsman

Dog The Bounty Hunter sued for damages by rival bail bondsman

Dog The Bounty Hunter is being sued for damages by Fisher, as a result. A judge will soon review the case on whether the Chapmans intentionally ruined his business and career.

The is a reality television series on A&E which chronicles Duane Chapman’s experiences and his career. With a few exceptions, the series took place in Hawaii or Chapman’s home state of Colorado.

Dog and Beth have since started a new television show, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. On May 21, 2012, A&E canceled the series after eight seasons after it began airing in 2013.

The bounty hunter is most famous for his capture of Andrew Luster. Dog was arrested by federal marshals in Hawaii to await possible extradition to Mexico because of a jurisdiction technicality.

Chapman and Beth freely invited viewers into their lives, sharing personal stories about Chapman’s 1976 imprisonment, Beth’s arrest as a teenager, and his ex-wives and custody battles. Duane also had a baby son who died at the age of one month.

On The Hunt with Duane and Beth Chapman

Duane Chapman still has struggles with the team to be accepted as professional bounty hunters. Their company, Da Kine Bail Bonds, has a main location run by the family in Honolulu, Oahu. Leland Chapman has established his own Da Kine Bail Bonds office in Kona, Big Island, where he lives.

Episodes are also filmed in the family’s hometown of Denver and in Colorado Springs, where they make extended visits for their own company there as well as several other companies run by long-time friends. In September 2011 Bobby Brown, who appeared in 30 episodes, sued A&E Television Networks, Hybrid Films, and D&D Television Productions in Colorado federal court, claiming he was promised to be a full cast member, but received only $6,000 for his contributions.

Dog The Bounty Hunter may be sued for $30 million for tarnishing another man’s career, but he’s been down this road before. Most of his lawsuits have either been dismissed.

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