By: Kara Gilmour - Staff Writer
Published: Jun 11, 2021

Doors Attorney Threatens Lawsuit With Paris Bar

The Doors Paris Bar is in hot water for honoring the legendary rock band. The “Lezard King” establishment is plastered with images of Jim Morrison and the Doors. It also features bust of the lead singer over the beer tap - all part of the owner’s lifelong passion for the band. However, an attorney for the group isn’t amused.

Christophe Maillet said he received a letter from a Beverly Hills, Calif.-based attorney warning that “The Doors do not want to be seen as having approved of your establishment and also the consumption of alcohol.” The April 21 letter was signed by Anthony Keats, The Doors’ intellectual property lawyer. It urged Maillet to remove images of the group from his bar within three months.

The bar’s walls feature oversized close-ups of Morrison and framed photos and posters of the band. Morrison, known for a partying lifestyle, died in 1971 at age 27 of heart failure in his bathtub in Paris — just minutes from Maillet’s bar. Morrison’s grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery remains a pilgrimage site for fans. The decorations are from Maillet’s own collection — the fruit of 25 years as a dedicated fan, he said.

After nearly a decade spent working at other people’s establishments, Maillet’s dream came true nine months ago when he opened the “Lezard King” — a play on Morrison’s nickname, the “lizard king.” Because he worried about possible copyright issues, Maillet used the French word for lizard, he said.

Maillet doesn’t know what could happen if the legal action goes ahead — the attorney’s letter doesn’t specify — but he said: “I guess worst-case scenario is that they could close the bar.” Maillet, who does not have a lawyer, wrote The Doors’ attorney back but said he hasn’t yet received a response. He said in order to appease The Doors, he’d be willing to add other 1960s and ’70s bands to the bar’s decoration. The letter also demands that the name of the bar be changed — something Maillet flatly refuses.

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