Douglas Son Beaten By NYC Crime Boss Bounty

The son of actor Michael Douglas, Cameron, has received some broken bones after he was beaten in a Pennsylvania prison. Cameron had been serving a nine and a half year prison sentence for dealing drugs.

He was originally being sentenced to five years in 2010 for possession of heroin and dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine out of a New York hotel room. He was then issued an additional 4 1/2 years after he was caught possessing drugs in prison in 2011.

According to the New York Post, a source told them that a $100 bounty was placed on Douglas’s head by a New York City crime boss to anyone who badly injured him while playing in a jail-house flag-football league. The bounty was placed on him because the boss considered Douglas a “rat” or snitch in prison after testifying against a former drug supplier.

Apparently, Cameron found out about the bounty and dropped out of the league.

However, the source says, Douglas still ended up getting severely beaten and suffered a broken finger and femur. The femur was first misdiagnosed by a doctor’s aid as a sprain, in his leg. Cameron ended up blaming the injuries on a handball game he was involved in.

“You don’t break a femur playing handball,” the source told the New York Post, adding, “He’s still walking around on crutches two months later.”

Previous to the 2010 drug charge, the actor’s oldest son was arrested in 1999 after he was found with cocaine in Manhattan and was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance. Then in 2007 he was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after police officers found a syringe with liquid cocaine in a car he was in.

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