​Drake Insists Blue Ivy Not On Cover​​

August 28, 2021

Drake has confirmed that he is not paying hip hop royalty to Blue Ivy on the cover of his latest album, despite rumors that he has illustrated Beyonce and Jay Z’s girl. Drake unveiled the art last week, which was created by artist Kadir Nelson.

Drake Blue Ivy Cover

The image portrays the rapper against a cloudy blue sky facing a young African-American child with an adorable afro. Some fans on Twitter half-jokingly wondered why Beyonce’s firstborn made an appearance on the cover. “Why is Blue Ivy on Drake’s album cover?” one fan tweeted. “Drake put Blue Ivy Carter on his new album art #notmad,” another wrote.

The child is, instead, a younger version of the rapper, he explained to MTV recently.

“It’s a child version of myself staring at myself now. Sometimes when I try and think back on this journey, it’s so hard to pinpoint all of these moments and it gets foggy,” explains Drake, who pulled off a stunning performance at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, and briefly recreated the profile-view image from the cover.

“Even on past albums when I’ve been trying to tell this story, I’ve got there, but maybe not got there all the way,” the Grammy winner, 26, continued. “And what that album art is to me is, like, this is my most clean, concise thoughts from now, and my best recollection of then. That’s really what that cover’s about.”

Nelson has crafted projects for artists like Michael Jackson, publications like Sports Illustrated and even for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Postal Service. He’s also penned best-selling books about famous figures that include Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Drake pushed the release date for his third album “Nothing Was The Same” just a few days to September 24.