Drew Carey Weight Loss Is Amazing

Drew Carey went on a weight loss diet that restricted him of carbs.

Drew Carey weight loss diet of 80 pounds. Losing weight was simple for Drew Carey by eliminating carbs and exercising each day. Drew Carey lost 80 pounds during the weight loss diet.

Carey lost 80 pounds since January, and it was no big secret on how to do it. The host of “The Price is Right” showed off his weight loss on the red carpet Wednesday night in Beverly Hills.

“I’m not diabetic anymore. No medication needed,” Drew Carey said in a statement. “It sucks being fat.” All he had to do was say goodbye to white bread and pizza.

To lose the weight, he wasn’t allowed to eat corn or beans either. Carey’s breakfast meals are either egg whites, Greek yogurt, or simple fruit mixes. He also did 45 minutes of cardio per day. He went from a pants size of 44 down to a 33.

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