​Duchess Kate Haircut: Visitors At Charity Event Witness Duchess Kate Middleton Wearing Princess Diana Tiara

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Dec. 11, 2015

Duchess Kate’s haircut is sending out a lot of positive vibes this week in London. Duchess Kate Middleton chopping off a few inches and some people say she’s turning into her mother who wears a similar hairstyle, according to Daily Mail.

The haircut itself doesn’t go with the current wardrobe worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, but she has been seen mixing things up. Kate Middleton has her preferred designers; her go-to pumps; her trademark Breton-top-and-jeans combination for casual outings-and her signature blowout.

Duchess Kate haircut seen with Princess Diana’s tiara

So when she does veer off in any direction-whether it be fringe-y bangs, or a space-inspired dress, or, most notably, on the rare occasion when she wears a tiara, it’s basically cause for parades down the streets of London. It was surprising when people in England checked the morning newspaper and saw the pictures of her new ‘do for the first time.

Duchess Kate’s haircut is short, and perhaps more than just a “few inches” of hair taken off. Middleton was in rare form as she arrived at a London charity event-in a standard LK Bennett ensemble-with a markedly different hairstyle.

While the world is not going to end over her new hairstyle, it wasn’t the only surprise the duchess had in store this week. The future queen attended an annual diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace Tuesday in a very special accessory: Princess Diana’s signature tiara.

Known as the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, the glittering piece was last worn by the Princess of Wales before her death. Before she loaned the tiara to Diana as a wedding gift, Queen Elizabeth II wore it, as did her grandmother Queen Mary, who commissioned it. So yes, the duchess is wearing one of the most famous pieces of jewelry of our time.

The Duchess of Cambridge first sent royal fans into a frenzy when she returned from her 4 month long maternity leave sporting bangs. Perhaps the fringe was an attempt at a more youthful look, but Queen Elizabeth is not a fan of shaggy look Kate Middleton was sporting.

The Queen hasn’t been a fan of her style since she first secured a spot on Prince William’s arm. The matriarch wasn’t shy in telling her look was too sexy. Queen Elizabeth ordered the hemlines of her dresses to be lowered.

Short skirts were banished from Kate Middleton’s wardrobe and the Queen employed some of her most trusted staff members to assist Kate in dressing more like a royal and less like a harlot.

Duchess Kate’s haircut is also under control of the Queen, but she isn’t shy is fighting back for people to see it in action. You can bet the sheer, backless dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore to the premiere of “Spectre” was not approved by Queen Elizabeth or her staff.

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