​Edith Flagg Dies At 94: First Importer of Polyester in U.S.

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 15, 2014

Edith Flagg dies at 94. She is most recently known for her appearances as Josh Flagg’s grandmother on his Bravo TV show “Million Dollar Listing.”

Accordingly to the Hollywood Reporter, Edith Flagg was a Romanian-born fashion designer who is best known for being the first importer of polyester into the U.S. and lived a life that read something like an action novel. Edith Flagg concealed her identity from German Nazis during WW2. She lost her husband to Auschwitz and fled to an Israeli kibbutz as a young, single mother.

Josh Flagg shared the unfortunate news via Instagram:

“At 6am this morning, Edith Flagg, my grandmother, passed away. She was my best friend. I love you Grandma, my darling wonderful woman. You are my hero. I will see you again one day… It may be a while… But I promise we will be together again.”

Although Edith Flagg dies at 94, she is credited for bringing polyester to the U.S. after its discovery in Switzerland. She was also an advocate of the United Jewish Welfare Fund and the City of Hope.

Josh Flagg told TMZ:

“My grandmother was a legend … not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of the countless people she helped and touched. Beverly Hills and L.A. have lost one of the great members of the community.”

Josh Altman said that Edith Flagg was an incredible cast mate and it was always a pleasure spending time with her during tapping of the show. They would see her walk up and down Beverly driver in her running shoes. She touched everyone she met.

“We had the pleasure of spending some time with her during taping of the show and always seeing her walk up and down Beverly drive in her running shoes. Josh Flagg and I and the crew would always say that Edith was the real star of Million Dollar Listing LA and by far the fan favorite. It was true. She stole the show every time she was on. We all only hope to accomplish even a little of what Edith accomplished in her life. She will be missed.”

According to Examiner, “Before Josh headed to Bravo with his reality television series in 2006, Edith lived a life out of the public eye. She was not the type to dress up and attend flashy parties. She felt most comfortable in pair of sneakers and a polo shirt as she made her way around town.”

Though Edith Flagg was born in Romania, she studied fashion design in Vienna. At the end of the war she moved to Palestine, then the US. Her first husband Hans Stein was captured by the Nazis and died at Auschwitz in 1944. Her second husband Eric Flagg died in 1999 at the age of 83.

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