​Emily Blunt Coddled: Are Children Too Coddled By Modern Fairytales?

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January 4, 2021

Emily Blunt says children are too coddled by modern happy-ever-afters and watered-down fairytales. According to The Inquisitr, Blunt plays the Baker’s Wife opposite James Corden, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine in the big screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s subversive fairytale Into the Woods. She says that its a disservice to everyone, including children.

“Chris Pine was telling me that most schools in America only do the first act of the play, where everything is happy ever after,” Blunt tells The Guardian. “And it’s just sad that we’re choosing to coddle our children that way, because no one’s more perceptive than a child.”

Into the Woods weaves together a number of familiar fairytales, following the characters beyond their happy endings to witness the consequences of their dreams coming true. And unlike a lot of children’s tales, plenty of characters meet gruesome or sticky ends. Not that everyone gets to see that happen.

“Bambi loses his mother, Dumbo is wrenched away from his mother, who is chained up and tormented and bullied. It used to be darker and more challenging. Nobody goes through life unscathed. If you want to fairytale the s*** out of everything, you’re doing everyone a disservice.”

Emily Blunt says children are too coddled in fairytales, but her role in the film Into the Woods was fantastic. She recently denied that she was offered the part of Captain Marvel, while confirming that she was previously asked to play the Marvel roles of Black Widow and Peggy Carter, according to the Daily Mail. But then again, she also denied being in the latest film when rumors surfaced.

Into the Woods is currently out in US cinemas, and will be released in the UK on January 9.

Some would argue that children of the past who watched the fairytales did grow up to be today’s leaders. Others believe it’s important to shelter their children from every unpleasant element of life, regardless of how insignificant, until they are 21. There are also people who believe that children will grow up dealing with more emotional pain than what they witnessed from a fairytale.

While Emily Blunt says children are too coddled in fairytales, there are worse things to watch. Reality TV shows are worse than a little fantasy, notes Digital Spy. Blunt is probably right, why not give children some imagination?

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