Emma Stone Blond Hair Is Natural Color For Spider-Man (PHOTO)

Emma Stone Blond

Emma Stone blond hair is natural color for Spider-Man (PHOTO). Blond hair is in and Emma Stone showed it off last week at Travor Live. The event was last Sunday in Hollywood.

Emma Stone

Stone, 22, was recently cast as the blond Gwen Stacy in the “Spider-Man” film. She has parted ways from her signature red hair. The actress debuted the new hairdo, which is only a sign that the upcoming superhero movie is about to begin.

However, the actress is actually a natural blond. She changed her hair color when she decided to try acting. “When I first moved to L.A., I had this agent who thought, because I was blond, that I only wanted to play cheerleaders,” Emma Stone said in a statement. “So she’d send me out for all these parts where they thought: ‘What a weird 15-year-old. It’s not going to work out!'”

Emma Stone doesn’t know if anyone underestimates her as a blond. “So one day, in a fit of trying to do something different, I just dyed my hair dark brown and got my first role a week later, after which I thought: ‘People are closed-minded, man! Like a different hair color changes everything!'” Fans are liking the new look, although it is her natural style.

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