​Emma Watson Maid Immigration

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June 30, 2021

Emma Watson’s maid immigration problem has been leaked to the media. The actress allegedly hired an illegal, which could mean breaking laws. It started at the beginning of last year, according to Border Agency staff, when she hired someone to work in her New York apartment. The probe was launched following a complaint that the woman was traveling to help the Harry Potter star.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Emma Watson is also facing a probe by British immigration officials. The “investigation is focused on a claim the woman spent three months helping the actress out at her London home while in the country on a tourist visa,” The Philadelphia Daily News said. A visa prohibits holders from working.

Prosecution or civil penalties can be avoided provided the employer produces copies of documents to prove they did everything possible to ascertain the immigration status of any worker. In February, Immigration Minister Mark Harper quit after it emerged his cleaner was in the country illegally. He is not the only political figure to fall foul of the visa process.

Former Attorney General Baroness Scotland was fined 5,000 pounds in 2009 for employing a foreign housekeeper illegally.

The maid was questioned by immigration staff about her ability to pay for her stay in February. Although the home office can’t comment on individual cases a source from the department told the Mirror newspaper: “An allegation has been received and processed and has been allocated for further action.”

As previously reported, Emma Watson recently graduated from Brown University. The Bling Ring actress, who enrolled at the Ivy League school in 2009, received her English literature degree at a commencement ceremony on the main campus in Providence, Rhode Island, last month. She has previously praised her classmates for giving her an opportunity to experience life away from the spotlight.