​Erin Andrews, Jarret Stoll Boyfriend Photos Confirm All Rumors​​

Erin Andrews has stirred up a lot of rumors ever since she tweeted a photo of her and Jarret Stoll together on New Year’s Eve, and according to friends who were there, the two are dating.

The pro hockey player does have something in common with the female sportscaster, which is a thing called sports.

Stoll, who has always kept a low profile, won the Stanley Cup in June and recently signed a three-year $9.75-million contract extension with the Los Angeles Kings.

The photo was posted on Instragram, which shows Andrews holding Stoll tight while welcoming 2013 with the musician John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen.

While Stoll is currently an unemployed NHL player, due to the labor dispute, it appears like he is staying in shape.

Andrews also referred to Stoll as her “boyfriend” when she tweeted the photo on the holiday.

There’s no doubt that the two can make a great couple, and Andrews is now at the age when most women take their personal lives seriously. She is most likely to focus on her relationship with Stoll this year. It’s only a matter of time before we know whether the relationship will move to the next level or not.