​Ezekiel Elliott Tries For ‘Hail Mary’ By Wanting Date With Taylor Swift

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Sep. 18, 2015

Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott has a lot going on for him, being a defending national champion, and has become famous for his remarkable abs. And if that wasn’t enough, Elliott is now trying to Hail Mary a date with Taylor Swift, according to News Max. Elliott is still hopeful after the tweet.

There’s certainly a level of confidence that comes with such achievements in his life. A confidence that inspires one to ask the world’s most popular performing artists to dinner following her show. And that’s what he did when he noticed the singer was in Columbus this week.

“I see your in town tonight want to grab something to eat after their concert,” he wrote. Ignore the fact that he mixed up “your” and “you’re” and threw a “their” in for no apparent reason. You miss 100 percent of the shots if you don’t spell correctly.

Ezekiel Elliott wants a date with Taylor Swift

But it might be good enough for Ezekiel Elliott to seize the moment with someone he finds special. Assuming Taylor Swift doesn’t deduct points for spelling, the Buckeyes starting running back has every reason to get his hopes up.

The thing to remember is that he is using Twitter as an icebreaker to score a date with the superstar. Ezekiel Elliott was smart by tweeting directly to Taylor Swift in hopes she would get dinner with him.

Earlier this summer, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones made headlines by asking Ronda Rousey out on Twitter while at the ESPY’s. It didn’t result in a date, but Jones’ persistence, which continues to this day, did earn him the support of Rousey.

Despite taking a page out of of Jone’s book, Elliot tried his best to sway Swift into a fancy dinner. Most people don’t see why the two couldn’t be a great power couple. They both have high standards and have made a lot of achievements.

He is pretty much the football version of her song catalog. Opposing defenses know he’s trouble when he walks in the stadium; when people try to tackle him he just shakes it off; he also wears number 15. Isn’t that interesting?

If nothing else, the two could bond over their mutual appreciation for the crop top. For now, he has to shift his football to football as his team plays on Saturday when the Northern Illinois Huskies will play against Ezekiel Elliott.

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