The Fallout 4 Creation Kit will be coming to Xbox One in May and PS4 in June. Bethesda officially announced the availability of the Creation Kit and that will bring a set of modding tools for Fallout 4.


The Kit is available right now for PC, but is still in beta, PC World reports. It’s a free download, so try it for yourself and see if you can make anything cool. If you want any tips, check out the Creation Kit Wiki.

Bethesda has yet to reveal specifically when mods will be available to consoles, but we’ve known for some time now that Xbox One will be getting mods a month before PS4 players. According to Bethesda, mods will be easy to download and install, and everything should work seamlessly without having to even leave the game. It will also be possible to browse through mods while on the developer’s website.

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how much mods will end up having an impact on the console market, The Daily Express reported. As any dedicated PC gamer will tell you, mods greatly extend the life of a game, and can improve everything from graphics to user interface and more. Seeing as how consoles are locked hardware, players probably will not benefit from taxing mods that require high-end PCs to run.

Once you’ve designed something that you like, you can just simply upload it to your Bethesda account. Then, people can browse the available mods, find yours, and install it. This appears to be exactly the same process, whether you’re a PC gamer, or you’re playing on a console.

HEXUS said that whether you have used this kind of software previously or not, you may be happy to hear that the Creation Kit is “easier and more accessible than ever before,” and that applies to both creators and players. For this kind of accessibility you might expect a cut down or simplified interface but it is said to be “the same tool” the Bethesda Game Studios developers used to create Fallout 4.

So what do you think? Are you interested in adding mods to Fallout 4 on your console? How long do you think it will take for a crazy mod to get released?