Finn Jones Iron Fist: Game Of Thrones Actor Takes On Marvel Role For Netflix Series

Finn Jones Iron Fist

Finn Jones is Iron Fist in a Marvel superhero series made for television. Jones, who plays Ser Loras Tyrell on the HBO hit, will take on the role of the martial arts master in the upcoming Netflix series, according to Game Zone.

Iron Fist is set to be the fourth Marvel and Netflix collaboration, following Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the forthcoming Luke Cage. Scott Buck (Dexter) has been tapped as showrunner. Marvel plans to eventually unite all its heroes in a series called The Defenders.

Marvel superhero named for Netflix series

Finn Jones Iron Fist: Marvel superhero named for Netflix series

In the comics, Iron Fist is Daniel Rand, who at age of 9 travels with his family from New York to a lost mystical city called K’un-L’un. After some tragic twists of fate, Rand is adopted by the city’s ruler and taught advanced martial arts and the mystical power of the Iron Fist. As an adult, Rand returns to his native New York and begins a career as a superhero.

Some fans have urged Marvel to cast an Asian actor in the lead role, even though the character is white in the comics. Others countered that picking an Asian actor simply because the hero’s ability is martial arts would be a stereotypical move. Jones’ casting was first floated as a rumor on That Hashtag Show.

Jones, who also appeared in British shows such as Hollyoaks, is next set to appear in season 6 of Thrones, while Marvel’s next premiere is the eagerly awaited return of Daredevil on March 18.

In the comics, Rand spent most his youth learning martial arts in the mystical city of K’un-L’un, and he got his powers by defeating a magic dragon and then sticking his hands into the dragon’s heart. That’s all pretty crazy, so the Netflix show will probably either come up with something more streamlined or just ignore his origin entirely.


Netflix’s choice in casting Finn will almost certainly anger fans in some quarters, though. Though Rand is blonde and white in the comics, many hoped that Marvel would cast an Asian-American actor in the role to better foster diversity among its superheroes. However, with a few notable exceptions like Nick Fury and Jeri Hogarth, the company seems to be sticking close to canon with its hires.

There’s no word yet on when the eventual Iron Fist series will debut, but fans can expect an announcement soon enough.

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