​Freddie Mercury And Princess Diana Snuck Into Gay Bar​​

Freddie Mercury and a cross-dressed Princess Diana had secretly walked into a gay bar in London in the late 1980s, acting like a couple of “naughty schoolchildren” during their night out.

The story comes from a new book by British comedian and TV personality Cleo Rocos, “The Power of Positive Drinking.”

The scene was the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in South Tavern, a popular gay club, and the almost-always elegant Diana was oddly clad in a bulky army jacket with dark sunglasses and a cap.

Mercury smuggled the princess in, accompanied by pals Rocos and TV entertainer Kenny Everett, and the foursome made their way through the pulsating club — remarkably, undetected.

“When we walked in…We felt she was so obviously Princess Diana, she would be discovered at any minute,” Rocos writes.

“…It was fabulously outrageous and so bizarrely exciting. Our hearts pounded with every new leather-clad hairy body that approached, but no one, absolutely no one, recognized Diana.”

The revellers did recognize Mercury, Rocos and Everett — all well-known London scenesters — but never focused on one of the world’s most famous females in her mannish attire.

“She did look like a beautiful young man,” Rocos writes, saying Diana and Mercury were “giggling” and behaving like “naughty schoolchildren.”
Tragically, the story can never be verified: Mercury died of an AIDS-related disease in 1991, Everett died of AIDS in 1995 and Diana died in a Paris car crash in 1997 with lover Dodi Fayed.

Rocos — the only survivor of the episode — writes that Diana ordered a white wine and a beer, concluding, “Once the transaction was completed, we looked at one another, united in our triumphant quest. We did it!”