French Nuns Gaga – Georgian Chant

French nuns win the Georgian Chant contest and have signed on to Lady Gaga’s record label.

French nuns Gaga – they won the Lady’s contest. A group of nuns from a remote region of France have signed on Lady Gaga’s record label after winning the world’s finest female singers. The nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation beat over 70 convents across the globe.

Gaga’s record label is Decca, a division of Universal Records. The same label is responsible for Eminem and Amy Winehouse now has a secluded order of Benedictine nuns. Their debut album will be called “Voices – Chant from Avignon,” and will be released in November.

The record company, who has been looking to replicate their success when they signed a group of Austrian monks in 2008, selected the nuns from more than 70 groups vying for the deal from around the world. The nuns, who live in a convent near Avignon, France, are reportedly skilled in Georgian Chant.

Since the nuns are secluded, the recording of all tracks will take place inside the convent, as well as the shooting of the album cover. The Reverend Mother Abbess has said of the signing: “At first we were worried it would affect out cloistered life, so we asked St Joseph in prayer. Our prayers were answered, and we thought that this album would be a good thing if it touches people’s lives and helps them find peace.”

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